Gettysburg Battlefield GHOSTS Is IT For Real

Gettysburg is one of the bloodiest battles due to the incredibly large amount of casualties somewhere between 46,000 to 51,000 dead Union and Confederate soldiers.Wendy and I came to this realization that these Soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield of Gettysburg Penna. Although  just    in a matter of 3 days this was quite disturbing to us to understand that these young men marched in the morning towards Gettysburg Penna, and were dead the same afternoon it just did not sit well with us.Consequently the question is was there need for WAR no I said to WendyITS THE POLITICAINS who call the shots who manipulate what is best for its citizens in 1860s this war was nonesense and a Nationial diaster for what I am  concern.Wendy contends everything to you my HUSBAND is a conspiracy theory,I can not win at all.

What is interesting as I was taking pictures on  our tour bus of the most important statues, and monuments,after seeing the pictures later on I saw a white glare on every frame but I began to realize I took these pictures through a glass window of the tour bus,whereas a GHOSTBUSTER would say I took pictures of a Ghostly mist however that night at the Hotel, Wendy started to laugh there is no such thing as Ghosts.Although the small car wreaking into our TOUR BUS was real that was just plain bad luck according to my dear wife Wendy , unless some Ghost buster would investigate about theissue of the tour bus and claims that the Ghosts are playing GAMES with the Tourist and keeping the Tourist away from the battle field I do not know with a laugh why would this happen at 3;oo oclock in the afternoon.

On the other hand Skeptic Magazine has often stated,Haunting mostly occur in old buildings which tend to be drafty places temperatures changes or sounds of the draft this sounds right as I said to my self I could feel the draft standing in the high tower over looking the battle field at Gettysburg.However sleep paralysis a description given by Geoff Hutchsion a miner turned MEDIUM is typical of sleep paralysis condition maybe people seeing these GHOSTS could be victims of this paralysis or the possibility of being sleep walkers them selfives.

Moreover Skeptic magazine believes that people who also see Ghosts may suffer from being in a thought regression trance also over days to weeks suffering from the process of therapy .Subsequently an prime example would be a man talking to a Gettysburg Ghost who he claims was another fellow reanactor but told him he was an Ghost.I do not feel there is a mental Health issue here but this person is a sleep walker at that.Therefore another point Skeptic magazine brought out an interesting fact that most Ghosts love to work in the dark because they cannot be seen in daylight settings,which would be a lot easier for them to scare and harrass the tourist at night than daylight it would seem very understandable.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS would contend if finding an civil war Ghost they would need EMF detectors,Coffee pots flashlights in their spare time investigating GHOSTLY DEMONS with SONY camcorders by, finding the truth but according to Skeptic Magazine the issues may be directed to a Polygraph.Therefore to find the truth of any Ghostly haunting that effect the average TOURIST or CITIZEN of Gettysburg Penna. 

Subsequently the next day we started from our great hotel which was top notch THE EISENHOWER INN.Touring towards the other side of the Battfield called the DEVILS DEN,which is a patch of rocks where it was heard some Confedrates took shelter to skillfully attacking the Union army.However our tour guide was explaning with a chuckle there is a Civil war Ghost hiding behind the rocks, and comes out at night being very dishoveled interesting I retorted and added yes anyones imagination can run wild being on and touring Gettysburgs many Battlefields.

PLUM RUN was another area we toured with a creek located directly across from Devil den andis also said to be a residence of more Ghost in Gettysburg.PLUM RUN is also well known as Bloody Run due to a Scarlet red color that seems to be seeping through out the creek running through its center bloody bodies of soldiers spreading through the land.

Driving towards Blairsville Penna,  Wendy brought  out many good points about the Ghosts in Gettysburg explaining the concept of sense presence which is exsperienced by mountain climbers and endurance altheletes effects of the natural born dualists effects which DR Paul Bloom contends we speak of or bodies as if one body was two HUMMMM over my head at least.Although I buy into a COAST TO COAST conspriacy theory maybe Gettysburg is milking the Ghost hauntings for profit and fame why not I laugh look it promotes more tourism buying  into this TOURIST on a night adventure,that is big bucks to boot and give Gettysburg more commercial TV and RADIO time Gettysburg is a great product WHY NOT I LAUGH….