Getting Your Nose Pierced

Are you thinking of getting your nose pierced? Think hard before you do it. It's very off-putting to many people, although it's become popular in recent years. The practice has been part of the religious rites in Africa for centuries.

If you can not be dissued, you should at least take steps to make sure that your nose piercing heals properly. Let's discuss how you can do that.

Step one in any type of piercing is to visit a doctor. Let him or her know what you are planning to do and ask for advice. They will let you know if it is advisable based on your health. It's in your best interest to get a check up before you get it done.

After you have your nose pierced be sure to keep it clean. In fact be sure to clean it twice a day and remove any disgusting blood or ooze that may have crusted there. No one wants to see that. Keep your jewelry clean, as well.

When you're cleaning your nose use warm salt water and cotton balls. Hydrogen peroxide is advised against since it can be abrasive.

If you have your nose jewelry in, do not play with it. It's gross to see people with their fingers in and around their nose. Plus, your nose will not heal well if you are fiddling with it. Keep you hands away from it, for everyone's sake.

You'll find that if you do play with your jewelry too much you can tear the hole or get a bacterial infection. Either one is not pleasant and can have nasty repercussions.

If you get a piercing be aware that it may make your skin swell. If this happens do not sweat it. It's not uncommon. Just see your doctor to make sure it's not infected. In the worse case scenario, you'll just have to remove the silly piercing, let it heal and chalk it up to experience.