Getting to Know Heart Attack Symptoms

As everyone grows older, it is crucial for one to be aware of the symptoms for mild heart attack. Heart attack is common in both men and women, but men are prone to getting one.

Heart attack is very common in our society these days which is probably due to the lifestyle that we have and the type of food that we consume. If you somehow experienced some symptoms of mild heart attack, you are advised to consult your doctor right away. Prevention is always better than cure.

The symptoms that are to be observed as below:

1. When one feels uneasiness in the chest area. This is one of the most common symptoms that occur in both men and women. One may feel this discomfort once in awhile or sometimes frequently. These attacks usually start off slowly and mildly. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to neglect any pain that revolves in your chest area.

2. A lot of people said that the pain that they are experiencing is more to like having a weight placed on their chest or their chest being squeezed. However, some people commented that they had an attack due to the intensity of pain that they have felt.

3. You too may experience pain in other places of your body such as upper chest area, arms, shoulders, jaw, back and sometimes stomach.

4. Women will often suffer from vomiting, sweating cold sweat and giddiness. These are the symptoms for mild heart attack and are experienced more by women compared to men.

5. Silent attacks may happen but it is considerably rare, usually one fourth of the attacks. Silent attacks do not reveal out any symptoms and these usually occur in woman. These attacks too mostly occur in diabetes patients. There is only one device that can give us the information of a person is suffering from a silent attack, which it the electrocardiogram.

The first thing that you should do when someone next to you is suffering from a heart attack is to call 911. Do not think of driving him or her to the hospital unless 911 facilities are not available at your area. The reason why you should get 911 instead of you driving the patient to the hospital is because the treatment starts once the patient gets into the ambulance. Since the ambulance carries various medications and equipments necessary for the patient, he or she can still be saved. And when the ambulance has finally reach the hospital, quicker actions can be taken.