Getting the Facts About Septated Ovarian Cysts

If you've been told you have a septated ovarian cysts, do not worry, it can be fixed. Do not be fooled, it is serious, but you've taken the first step by seeing a doctor first. Probably the abdominal pain in one side or both drve you to see the doctor first. Or maybe it was the intense nausea or vomiting? Regardless of the reason, you can be helped. This type of septated ovarian cysts are also called complex cysts and to be honest, they are serious. First of all, they're not as common as the other functional type of cysts. They tend to be larger and made of a combination of solid and liquid materials.

With septated ovarian cysts, the possibility of cancer is greater than with functional ovarian cysts. A biopsy should be done on any septated cyst that is removed, however, in most cases, it is not cancerous. As this cyst develops, you rarely feel anything wrong. There are no real symptoms. But, as it gets larger or entangled with your ovaries, you start to feel a fullness in the abdomen. Actually, many times, the symptoms of a larger mass or cyst is mistaken for a pregnancy with it's nausea, vomiting, pain during sexual relations and dizziness. As the cyst becomes larger, it's not uncommon for it to have hair, teeth and other matter in it's sac.

If these septated ovarian cysts are left untreated, they continue to grow larger. They push out on the abdomen and women beginning to actually look pregnant. The signs that the cyst is growing are usually written off as menstrual pain and this is why it goes untreated. The potential to damage other organisms with it's growth and to become catastrophic increase the longer the cyst is allowed to grow. Another factor that contributes to the chances of malignancy is the thickness of the walls of the cyst. It's thought that the thicker the walls, the more likely chance of it being cancerous. The thickness can be measured and obtained through an ultrasound. Keep in mind, the only way to completely remove the cyst once it's reached this size is through surgery.