Getting Relief From Hemorrhoids

It's true that many people are embarrassed about hemorrhoids, but in truth they should not be because it's something that most men and women of differenting ages. Hemorrhoids also vary in degrees. Some are more painful than other cases due to various complications. There are even cases where hemorrhoids can cause bleeding.

Of course treatment can come in various forms as well. However, treatment will not be immediate and will take a while before the hemorrhoids are finally deal with. For the meantime, you have to find immediate relief from the itchiness and pain that hemorrhoids may cause. Focusing on the more common methods of getting immediate relief, this will guide will look at the methods of staying comfortable while your treatment is still taking effect.

First of all, you should start slow with your treatment. If your condition can be treated by using some plain over-the-counter product you should make do with this rather than immediately resorting to drastic measures such as heavy medicine or surgery. For one thing, you do not need to spend for more than you should, especially if all you need is a cheaper method. Try medical pads to relieve yourself of the pain, preferably the ones with witch hazel in them because they are more effective. If they do not work, then you can start asking your doctor for a prescription to something stronger in relieving your pain.

You might also want to keep with you an "O" pillow. These are available in your local drugstore. This will allow you to sit anywhere without having to risk putting pressure on your rectum, which is not very good for hemorrhoids.

Also, watch your diet for the duration of the hemorrhoids. Make sure you eat lots of fiber and avoid types of food that do not have fiber at all like meat, especially the kind that are difficult to digest and expel. Otherwise, you will be subjecting yourself to so much painful bowel movements.

Lastly, never forget to keep yourself hydrated. Water is what keeps stool from being too hard to expel comfortably. Beside, having adequate water in your body has been proven to prevent diseases over all, so it can only be good for you.