Getting Ready For Scalpel-Free Obesity Surgery

For many people the option of choosing weight loss surgery is very attractive, especially if they have a lot of weight to lose. Stomach-stapling surgery to combat obesity is their favorite choice. well with the science and advancement in medical studies. You'll soon have these Scalpel free surgeries.

According to the Doctors, in the future with a tube inserted through the mouth, making the procedure safer than using an incision and opening the way for more people to under it.

According to news reported by CNN, Doing the surgery without incisions will make it a lower-risk, lower-cost proposition and may be applicable to patients who are less obese than those who are currently considered for surgery, said Dr. Philip Schauer, head of bariatric surgery at the Cleveland Clinic

But the real question is, Is it really the right choice? Is it worth the risk?

Any type of surgery involves risks, and that includes the risks from both the procedure itself and also the effects of anesthetic used. Ironically a person may be considered so overweight, the surgeon is a reductant
to perform any type of surgery in case they expire on the table.

No matter what kind of surgery, there are always risk involved. In fact my family doctor used to say "Surgery, major or minor no matter what, Its a risk to your life whenever you go under the knife".

Today people are looking for too many of quick fixes. Just take your normal weight loss surgery where you stomach is cut open and its size is reduced. After underweight weight loss surgery, patients are usually
uncomfortable and in some degree of pain for several weeks afterwards while their wound heals. Their diet gets monitored for quite a few weeks and normal food is added to their diet in small amount. This is because the digestion system becomes delicate after going through the process.

Even if you pass this phase, that does not mean that you can go out and binge every night. Any excess food you eat, you'll throw up. And then you also must prove that you are willing to make a commitment that is life long with regards to their lifestyle, diet and physical activity.

I wonder what if, from right now, you start to improve your lifestyle and diet. You'll start seeing some incredible results. Yup by just changing the lifestyle. If you are willing to take the physical risks involved, then be willing to exercise and eat healthy. Do not let the medical industry sell you another weight loss surgery with unproven efficiency.

If you just follow basic guidelines of good eating and working out 10-20 minutes a day. You'll find yourself not only losing all your excess weight, but also enjoy more stamina, energy. This is the kind of decision that you should be taking instead of going through painful surgery.