Getting Pregnant Methods

You might be asking yourself ” why am I not getting pregnant?” Well there are several natural getting pregnant methods that people can use to improve their chance in conception. If it is working for others why not for you?

1. Count your ovulation cycle.

Each woman me very a little bit on when they will ovulate because their period may not be like the next one. Usually a woman’s cycle is between 28 to 32 days. We all vary in times, it can be shorter or longer which is ok. We can always count on the ovulation cycle to be between the 11th and 21st days since the first day of our last cycle. This is the best time to try to conceive.

2. Look for signs from your body

Your body will tell you when it is the best time to make a baby. You can keep track by checking your Basal Body temperature. When you are ready to ovulate on average your body temperature will rise around 1.6 degrees. Stress and lack of sleep will cause this to very, keeping good records of what is happening in your life to how your body is reacting to it is always a good step. After doing this for a while you will see a pattern emerge and you will then be able to track your best time to conceive.Another method is monitoring your cervical mucus. The more cervical mucus and the more clear it is becoming is a sign from your body that it is ready.

Getting Pregnant Methods

3. Keeping the right frame of mind.

Now that we are counting our cycle and we know when our body is ready we also need to keep a good mind-set on getting pregnant. Try to keep your stress level down as much as you can and keep a positive attitude. Just by thinking you will get pregnant will help your stress a lot by itself. There are a lot of misconceptions on when our body is too old to conceive naturally. Knowing you can do it will help you do it.

4. Diet and exercise

A healthy diet is very important because if we are going to be carrying a new life inside of us we need our body to be the healthiest it can be. Vitamin C is very important when trying to conceive. Taking 500 mg a day as well as prenatal vitamins will help you get your body ready. Exercise is important because the better shape we are on the outside the better we are on the inside. Sometimes prescription drugs and birth control pills may still be floating around in your system. If so just get a body cleanse that you can take for a few weeks just to make sure you are all toxin free.

Getting Pregnant Methods

5. Intercourse

Missionary position is usually the most suited for conception because if your lower half is elevated the sperm can have a clear path to the cervix. When you are finished making love just relax your body for a while and stay in that position with your hips elevated. This will give the sperm a longer chance to do what it is supposed to be doing.

6. Make sure you speak to your physician

Talking to your doctor about any getting pregnant methods is always a good idea. Some medications can affect your ability to conceive a child so knowing what you are on and if it can affect your goals will be very useful. If you are on any medications they might be able to give you some suggestions on different natural medications that will not hinder your getting pregnant methods.