Getting Pregnant is Not Easy – Here Are Some Factors That Affect Your Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is not easy, and you are probably asking yourself, Why can not I get pregnant? There are many factors that prevent couples from getting pregnant and sometimes, it just take awhile. It is not an instant thing that happens the first time every time. There are factors that must always be considered when dealing with pregnancy. One of the biggest things that people seem to forget is all the factors that can make it difficult to get pregnant. This is why they estimate that couples do not get pregnant while actively trying until they have tried for about six months to a year. This may seem like a long time, but when you consider that everything you do in your daily life effects your getting pregnant, it's not really that long.

Stress is a huge issue with couples when trying to have a baby. The more you try, the harder it seems to work because it becomes a chore. Having a baby should be a joyous occasion that happens because you love each other and you want to start a family. Try to relax and be more casual about when and how you time it so that you are making love at the right times and not just whenever you feel like it.

If you have not conceived within a years time, your partner and you should both go to the doctor and be checked out for infertility. It might not be you, but your husband. If that is not the issue, there could be another medical issue that is holding you back from having a baby. Sometimes, those medical issues are undetectable until you go in to a doctor and get tested.

Consider the age of you and your partner. If you are over the age of thirty, it is much harder to conceive than it would be if you were younger. This is due to the change in hormones in your body. Your husband is going into a "deactivation" mode where his swimmers do not want to swim around anymore but would much prefer to wade, this makes it harder to stimulate them when they are already set on being lazy.

No matter the reason you are having trouble having a baby. Do not get discouraged, keep trying. If it does not happen naturally, there are other options.