Getting Back With Ex Boyfriends – How You Can Tell If They're Genuine

Getting back with ex boyfriends more often than not means just one thing. More heartbreak.

If your ex is showing you some attention and seems to want to hang out more, or even worse, flirting with you, what are you gonna do? Let's face it, it's flattering and you'll even be a little hopeful that a reconciliation is on the cards. But hold on right there!

There is a way to handle this that puts YOU in control. Play hard to get.

I know it's an old trick, and people do not like playing games, but all of fair in love and war right?

Remember, if you've been with someone for any length of time and then there's a breakup, there's bound to be a level of missing each other, and this can manifest itself in feelings of wanting to be back together.

If you're feeling this way, the odds are that your ex is too.

What these feelings are not taking into account are the reasons you broke up in the first place.

The other danger, and I wish this was not so, is that there may be ulterior motives involved.

Often your ex may be lonely, he has not managed to meet anyone else so he'll fall back on you.

He may be horny. This is blunt but it's a fact. He may miss the sexual aspect of your relationship and the single life he imagined probably is not his reality now, so he's come crawling back for a quick 'fix'. You have to be very careful of this as if you do have intentions of getting back with your ex, this may well damage that plan.

It may even be revenge. Yeah, I know that sounds dramatic, but if you dumped him and he thinks he can get his own back. It's happened to me.

In essence, the only way to know for sure is to play hard to get. Getting back with ex boyfriends is a risky business, but you'll have a much more realistic view of his true intentions if you play a little hard to get. If he persists and will not give up, without becoming a weirdo stalker, then he might be genuine. Good luck!