Get to Know About Stomach Bacteria and Their Implications to Your Life

Research has it that, the levels of acidity inside the stomach are too high to be handled by most bacteria. This means, for any type of bacteria to survive inside the stomach, they need to have a stable mechanism of increasing the pH levels around their surroundings. For this reason, there are very few stomach bacteria that have been proven to exist inside the stomach and these are the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

These stomach bacteria stay inside the protective mucous coating of the stomach. They have elongated threads sticking out from them going all the way to attach to the stomach cells beneath them. The mucous coating that shields the stomach from the corrosive body acid is also used to protect these bacteria from the same acid. In addition to this mucous layer, the bacteria produce enzymes known as Urease enzymes which help increase the pH levels around them hence being able to protect themselves from the high levels of acid found in the stomach.

Unfortunately, the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria are said to be a bad type of stomach bacteria because they cause us to have infections which may lead to the realization of diseases such as gastritis which refers to the inflammation of the stomach, Dyspepsia, Halitosis and finally ulcers in both the duodenum and the stomach. The infections are mainly caused when a person swallow these bacteria from food, fluids or even from contaminated kitchen utensils.

For Gastritis and Dyspepsia diseases, the patient may experience nausea, bloating and sometimes being subjected to vomiting. Most of the time, these symptoms can beĀ  relieved by taking antacids,which is a medication that is used to reduce stomach acid levels or better still milk intake.

Ulcers on the other hand, are produced when the stomach bacteria weakens the mucous coating used to protect the stomach from body acid. When this mucous layer becomes weak, it may be easy for the body acid to enter the stomach as it pleases. When this acid accumulates in the stomach, it burns the soft tissues that may be present in the stomach. This action forces the stomach to have sores that produce pain whenever they are exposed to substances that contain acid. Therefore, for people who have this type of condition, they should always ensure that they reduce ingesting food staffs that have a high quantity of acid. Currently, most doctors are treating their patients with acid-reducing medicines while at the same time treating the bacterial infection with appropriate antibiotics.

Halitosis is another condition brought about by infection also caused by the stomach bacteria. This disease is perceived to be embarrassing because it makes you produce bad breathe from your mouth. The odor usually originates from the stomach and can only be detected when you belch. The bad breathe that is produced from your mouth mainly contains the odor of the food staffs you may have ingested recently such as onions, garlic or any other food that has a strong odor. The bad breathe is however said to be a temporary condition and it usually disappears on its own in a day or two after infection.

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