Get Ripped Like Jason Statham

Jason Statham is the action star with an English accent that we have all come to love. He is crazy and kicks butt, all with a touch of witty humor. What more can you ask from an action superstar?

I have always enjoyed his movies. There is no melodrama with everyone trying to be sentimental and what-not (not that I do not like that from time to time), just non-stop action with sly humor.

I fist became aware of Jason Statham in the movie Snatch with Brad Pitt. Then I saw Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which was another good movie, but I never realized how ripped and in shape he was until the transporter movies. Ever since then I have been curious about the workout regimen he used to get his body in such great shape.

Mr. Statham is known to bust out intestinal workouts in short bursts. He works out 6 days a week for about 30-40 minutes a day, while increasing that number when he has to prepare for a movie roll. If you really want to get a body like Jason Statham, you have to push your body to the limit and be mentally ready for the grueling workout. When you train, you will train a non-stop like a Navy Seal and so you should be prepared to feel pain which will lead to results.

The Jason Statham Workout

Jason begins his workout with a 10 minute warm-up which includes riding a bike, jogging, rowing, stretching, etc. So far seems pretty easy huh?

Then he switches to 10 minutes of moderate-intensity training. This is where he mixes things up. He performs a combination of exercises and never repeats the same routine. Every time he performs this part of his workout, he switches the order in which he fulfills his workouts. Here are his moderate-intensity workouts:

* A combination of light weight, high rep exercises

* A combination of heavy weight, low rep exercises with composite movements such as Bench Press, Squats, and Dead-Lifts

* A variety of medicine ball throwing exercises such as aggressively lifting the ball and throwing it on the ground.

* A variety of kettle bell exercises such as swinging your arms with the kettle bells, lifting them over your head, etc.

Finally Jason enters the third and most intense part of his workout, high-intensity interval training. He picks six exercises that workout the whole body and repeats the circuit five times. Also like before he always switches the exercises up to keep things new and different. To top things of he only rest for about 10 seconds between each exercise to keep the blood flowing and the heart pumping. Here are his high-intensity interval training exercises:

* Pullups and Pushups

* Rope Climbs

* Bear Crawl

* Farmer Walk

* Front Squats

* Weighted Step-Ups

* Hanging Knee Raises

You can creative here and come up with some exercises of your own as long as the combination of them working out your whole body. This part of the exercise routine left Jason gasping for air and you should expect the same. You will be completely fatigued by the end of this workout routine but will also see noticeable results real soon.

The Jason Statham Diet

A workout is nothing without the diet and Jason Statham follows a healthy diet to compliment his workouts. He eats six small meals a day totaling 2000 calories along with lots and lots of water.

His diet mainly consist of healthy vegetables, lean meats such as chicken and turkey, fish, egg-whites, nuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and a couple of protein shakes.

Eliminated from his diet are bread, pasta, refined sugar or flour, sweets, and of course the hardest of them all ALCOHOL!

There you have it! The ultimate Jason Statham workout and diet! Now his workout is not meant for beginners. It is an intestinal workout that will drain you completely. Statham, being an ex-professional diver and active martial artist, has always been in pretty good shape and can handle a workout such as this. But you should ease into this workout and push your body as far as it goes without going overboard.