Get Rid of Hemorrhoids – Is a Natural Hemorrhoid Remedy Your Best Option?

If you’ve ever been afflicted by hemorrhoids (also known as piles) or are suffering from them right now, you know first hand just how dreadful they can be.  All you want to do is get rid of hemorrhoids,  but is a natural hemorrhoid remedy your best option?

Painful bowel movements, constipation, blood on the toilet paper, having a sore butt when sitting down – these can all be symptoms of hemorrhoids.  That may be when you start thinking about a natural treatment for piles.

Sometimes piles go away on their own which can be a great relief.  Unfortunately, a lot of the time they can come back, just like that! Then you’re suffering all over again.  Sometimes it seems as if there’s no end in sight.  But what exactly can you do to get rid of hemorrhoids?

There are quite a few different natural treatments for piles.  Just like non herbal treatments, they may work for one person but not another.  Addressing the reason why you got hemorrhoids in the first place is very important.  Otherwise, the natural hemorrhoid remedy will just address the painful symptoms but not actually get rid of hemorrhoids.  And if you stop that particular treatment, then you may start suffering from your hemorrhoidal condition all over again.

Over the counter creams from the pharmacy may cause headaches and dizziness.  So no wonder so many sufferers want to try a natural hemorrhoid remedy.

One natural treatment for piles that I know of is to eat a kiwi fruit every day.  A kiwi fruit is a small oblong fruit with a brown furry skin and delicious green flesh inside.  Just cut it in half and scoop out the flesh.  Eating the flesh of a kiwi fruit daily will help with soft bowel movements, therefore putting less strain on your hemorrhoids when you go to the toilet.