Get Rid of Frequent Urine Infections With Homeopathy

In many countries, homeopathy is a super-specialty and is learnt after the initial medical training is complete. Only people who feel special interest for this alternative system of medicine opt for it and seek specialization in it. But in some countries like India, Homeopathy is a graduation course and many

Symptoms of urinary tract infection:

1) Burning urination

2) Increased frequency of urination

3) Pain while passing urine

4) Pain in abdomen while passing urine or otherwise

5) Bloody artery, chills, and fever

Yes, whenever you suffer from above mentioned symptoms and signs, you should contemplate the possibility of urinary tract infection. Many patents do not consult a physician when the symptoms are mild. But they consult when the symptoms are pretty severe and require active intervention.


Routine urine examination should be done in order to understand the severity of infection. In case if the patient is suffering from severe abdominal pain along with burning urination, an abdominal ultrasonography should be done to exclude renal calculus (kidney stone). In routine set ups and conditions, clinical examination and good history taking is sufficient to diagnose a patient with urinary tract infection.

How homeopathy can help tackle recurrent urinary tract infection?

It is true that homeopathy is an individualistic and holistic mode of treatment that only treats the disease but treats patient as a whole. Urinary tract infections are the maladies that result due to enhanced susceptibility of patients to catch such infections. Homeopathic drugs act positively to alleviate the symptoms of urinary tract infection and also help nullify the tendency to catch such infections in future.

Also wonderful homeopathic remedies are there to tackle urinary calculi or kidney stones or mere oxaluria. As the homeopathy medicines treat the symptoms of the individual, he is free of the suffering pretty early and enjoys health sooner.

Constitutional medicines help tackle the tension to develop urine infections frequently and acute medicines help alleviate the acute symptoms.

Auxiliary treatment for urinary tract infections:

(1) Drink ample amounts of water (at least 8-10 glasses) and liquids in general.

(2) Avoid aerated beverages

(3) Be very keen about cleanliness and sanitation of your bathroom and toilet.

(4) If you are bought to go in sun, drink more fluids and incorporate many of fruits in the diet.