Get Rid of Diabetes Easily

You can overcome diabetes without taking medicines. Do not just give in to diabetes. It is in fact very, very easy to get rid of the metabolic disorder. There is always a way out of the situation. But of course you must be concern about the complications of diabetes. These includes the havoc it causes to organs including the eyes, kidneys, liver, blood vessels and pancreas. The use of medicine to control diabetes is not only costly but damaging.

Patients may die not due to diabetes but because of its complications. Toxicity to medicines may take its toll years later. So you must weigh carefully whether you want to control diabetes naturally or using medications.

Diet accounts for the number one cause of diabetes. Historically, before 1930's there is no such thing as diabetes. This was because sugar was not commercially available then. With the mass commercial production of sugar, twenty years down the road, diabetes began to appear in patients. The reason is obvious.

If you eliminate sugar or derivatives of sugar from your food, reduce the intake of carbohydrates including rice, white bread and flour based foods or be selective in carbohydrates intake, half the war is already won.

If you ever feel hungry, go all out for fish, fowl, vegetables and sea foods. These foods when eaten together with salads will whet your appetite and fill you stomach. You will not feel hungry. There is no limit to these foods.

In addition, you will need to do moderate exercise because it will stimulate the body cells and sensitize your body to insulin which will then act to normalize blood sugar. So if you are void of sugar, when you exercise, fat will be burned as fuel for energy. The end result is that you will be slim and healthy.