Get Rid Of Cold Sores Permanently – The Naturopathic Way!

Cold sores afflict much of the general population because half of all people commonly carry the herpes simplex virus in their bodies. It can be a real struggle to get rid of cold sores for many people, much less get rid of them in a more permanent sense.

Cold sores usually appear at first as one small red blister, with a tendency later on to become a cluster of small blisters in a couple of days. Clear liquid may weep from the sore, and a scab forms later on. While in the early stages of forming, the sore may cause your lip to tingle at first, later turning into a more painful burning and itching sensation. People who suffer from them can also experience other irritating sensitivities like swollen lymph glands, fatigue, body ache, and even a low grade fever during an outbreak.

Although cold sores can last as little as two days, they can persist for more than a couple of weeks in the more acute cases. As most people know, the herpes simplex virus is contagious and can spread between unsuspecting people. As such, most herpes sufferers should avoid kissing, sharing eating and drinking utensils, and other oral contact activities during active herpes outbreaks.

If you’ve ever had a sore or blister pop up on your lip just before a big event, like a wedding, graduation, party, or date, it’s because stress and the hormonal changes it causes is a common trigger for viral outbreaks. Other conditions that can also encourage cold sores to erupt are too much sun exposure, menstruation, and a weakened immune system.

When a cold sore strikes, the goal is to intervene in the infection process as early as possible and try to keep the virus from replicating. As with most conditions that manifest themselves externally, a balanced, inside-outside approach to dealing with them is usually the most effective long-term strategy.

Acyclovir and penciclovir are FDA-approved medications for topical application on cold sores, but the jury is still out on whether or not they’re any more effective in treating herpes simplex than organic agents and oral supplements. It’s now commonly thought that, for an adult, consumption of at least 60 grams of protein daily is the minimum amount required to help ward off these kind of blisters. Other nutritional steps can also be taken to maintain an environment hostile to their development.

As stated before, reducing excessive sun exposure can help one avoid herpes outbreaks; calcium levels drop with exposure to the sun, and low calcium seems to trigger herpes viral activity. Stress levels can also be managed lower by listening to music, exercising, meditating or praying, and just doing creative things that give you enjoyment like a hobby or favorite pastime.

If you want to get rid of cold sores, follow these basic steps. They, along with others that have been proven to be effective for many people, can go a long way to providing you with permanent relief you can count on.