Get Rid of Cold Sore Quickly

There is no specific season or time period to ‘gain’ cold sores. They appear almost any part of the year and at the worst possible occasion. Plus, there exists no specific cause for cold sore too. What can be worse as you are suffering from a cold sore and its your wedding the next day? At these kinds of occasions one needs to search for effective and quick cold sore treatment. Generally, cold sore appears as a result of stress either physical or psychological. This stress affects the pH balance, immune system and hormones.

The main cause identified for cold sore so far is the herpes virus inhabiting in the nerve cells. It automatically senses even the minutest temperature changes and on discovering encouraging conditions proceeds to the surface teaming up with the nerve cells. Your body very well knows cold sore treatment. There are expensive cold sore treatments available as well but they take too long and you certainly don’t want to suffer from them. And what if you need the cold sore to be treated as early as possible? No need to fret, there are various possible ways.

Basically, the cold sore causing virus requires three things to effectively replicate. Focus on these and then plan your treatment.

1. It needs arginine in plenty: Arginine is the base protein helping the herpes virus to replicate. As they say “an iron for an iron” in this case “a virus for a virus”. A protein Lysine can only cut the effects of arginine. It tends to swap with some of the arginine present in the cells. This prevents cells to produce identical herpes viruses. People consume lysine rich food while avoiding food loaded with arginine content during the period when they are affected by cold sores. Along with lysine rich food supplements are also available for the same. Meats, dairy products, milk, cheese and yoghurt are the foods rich in lysine content. The foods you need to avoid are nuts, grains, chocolates and seeds. The food to be consumed differs from person to person for cold sore treatment.

2. It needs humid and damp environment: There is no such treatment which could completely cure the cold sore but it can obviously be reduced to a certain extent. Grab any cool object like ice or a cold drink can as soon as you feel that itch reminding you of the cold sore on its way. This will help you overcome the actual cold sore situation for a few days till your special event lasts.

3. It desires an acidic environment: A normal person maintains a pH balance of 7.4 which is generally alkaline in nature but as soon as it drops to 7 it means that your system is about to turn acidic and that is what is called a boon for the herpes virus. This happens when you are affected by flu, cold and a lot of sun. The foods you should avoid are tomatoes, carbonated soda, citrus and anything containing vinegar. These are acid foods and pump up the situation. If you have decided to fight with the virus then don’t give it a chance, keep all of the acid away from the sore. Along with the above mentioned treatment continuously clean the cold sore with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. You’ll see your sore reduced to about 50 per cent.

These are some of the basic quick and effective cold sore treatment. Healing a cold sore is not a difficult task.