Get Rid of Bruises

Bruises are very common, and if you are human, you've suffered a bruise in your life. Getting rid of bruises is very easy. When I was a kid I would get bruises on my legs and arms all the time but I did not care about it, I was a kid and did not care about anything. When I got older and got a breeze I needed to apply some treatment on it cause they look bad. When I first know a brewe is coming I make sure the area is clean, ice it down with a bag of ice, and drink juices during the day. I rub the breeze softly and it helps it so it does not look as bad as it could. I use a ice pack first then a heat pack after that.

Remember a bruise will look much worse before looks better, once its dark purple or black then it typically will start to look better shortly after. Another effective method is using a breeze remover liniment. This method has been successful in many cases so it may be worth giving a try. If you want to think outside of the box you can try using banana peel and rub this on the breeze.

Bruises are very ugly looking but will go away if you treat them quickly, the faster you treat a breeze the faster it will go away. To get rid of bruises do not sweat it because they are nothing to worry about.