Get Rid of a Sore Throat in 24 Hours

Have you ever had a sore throat?

Have you ever had a child that has had a sore throat?

Well I can show you how to either get rid of that sore throat or at the very least greatly reduce the pain and duration of that sore throat. And this can be done in one day. That’s right. Do this in the night before bed and by morning you will not even remember that you even had a sore throat.

First you need to check with your family doctor to make sure this is safe for you and your loved ones. I have done this to my grandchildren when they were 2 years old with no ill effects. But I can’t stress enough for you to check with your doctor. I don’t know you or your family and can not be held responsible for your safety and health so check with your doctor.

Also, there are different reasons for sore throats. I mean if you have strep throat, then you need to see your doctor. So see your doctor.

OK, here is what I do. It’s actually very simple and to be honest, everyone I have done this to is as surprised as I was that it actually works. It sounds crazy, but it works.

It all started when I had a sore tooth. I went to a dentist and he told me that I had a tooth abscess. I would need to have my roots planned. He explained that they would cut my gums and pull them from my teeth and then…..I was outta there. At least 6 months to heal my eye.

So I remembered when I was reading a magazine earlier, I saw an ad for something called The Smile Method. So I set out to locate the ad. I located the ad and they had a product that would allow me to fix my problem for approx $30. I sent away the money and a few weeks later I received the kit.

It included a book and 2 things that looked like syringes. Only instead of a straight sharp needle, they had a bent needle that was not sharp. Upon reading the book I found out that I was supposed to fill the syringe with an antibiotic and insert it between my problem tooth and the gum. It recommended salt-water, hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver could be used as the antibiotic.

I had some peroxide so I gave it a try and boy did it hurt. I mean to tell you that it hurt like crazy. When that peroxide hit the infected area you can imagine how much it bubbled. But the good news is that afterwards my tooth did feel better.

Well the next morning my tooth was hurting again so I tried the peroxide again. Man oh man did it ever hurt. I thought this is nuts, I can’t do this every day.

I had had some experience with colloidal silver in past years and I was convinced that it is a great antibiotic.

So the next morning I tried the treatment again. This time I used a mixture of peroxide and colloidal silver. I guessed that the peroxide would explode into bubbles pushing the silver places where it might not otherwise get to. Small areas inside my gum that were now filled with infection, should fill up with the silver peroxide mixture.

Well it hurt pretty bad but that was the last time it hurt at all. Every day I would still do the treatment using peroxide and the colloidal silver and it never hurt again. That went on for several years until I went and had a root canal on that tooth.

What does that have to do with a sore throat? Well I’ll tell you. I used the same mixture of colloidal silver and peroxide to stop a sore throat.

I have a small 1 once dropper bottle. I put 10 drops of colloidal silver, 500 parts per million, into the bottle. Then I fill the bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Just the cheap stuff you get from the pharmacy. You probably already have a bottle at home.

Then I tip the bottle a couple of times to make sure it’s mixed good.

Then I have the child lay on their side. I put a dropperful of the mixture into their ear. Now young kids, that have never done this, will get frightened at this point. This is because as the peroxide starts bubbling it gets kind of loud. With all of the bubbling it actually sounds kind of like a deep fryer. Just imagine dropping a damp piece of chicken into a deep fryer. It goes from totally quiet to an instant flurry of bubbles.

Don’t worry. After a few seconds when the young scamp realizes there is no pain then they will experience the real problem. This stuff tickles, and it tickles a lot. When my granddaughter was 3 years old she actually liked to do this. She’d lay there and just laugh as the bubbles did their thing.

Well the next morning, the sore throat will pretty much be gone. If it’s not, then no one will mind doing it again. Like I said, there is no pain at all. It tickles and at times it even itches. But it works great.

So the next time you get a sore throat or a scratchy throat, give this a try. Even straight peroxide will help. It just doesn’t seem to last as long, nor be as effective, as the colloidal silver mixture.

My family actually does this every so often as a preventative measure. And for sure any time we get a tickle in our throats. Try it and you will be amazed at how well it works.

Here is more information on the the Smile Method. I am in no way affiliated with this company. I just own their product.