Get Pregnant Quickly – Essential Vitamins to Get Pregnant

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should know that avoiding alcohol and smoking is not enough – it takes a little bit more than that – your body needs essential vitamins to get pregnant. Before anything else, you have to make sure that your body is capable of supporting a baby. Conceiving a baby requires both parents to be healthy and well nourished.

So what are the essential vitamins to get you pregnant? You need more than folic acid, that’s for sure. For the women, increase your intake of leafy greens and starchy foods. Vitamins B and C are essential nutrients you are going to need to have a successful conception. For the men, you need to also increase your intake of vegetables and avoid too much heat to make sure your sperm count remains average or high. You can get an adequate amount of these vitamins in tomatoes, red peppers, or citrus fruits.

Another thing you should have is iron. It reduces stress and enhances your blood circulation. Having a sufficient and regular supply of iron will help your chances of conceiving. Meat, fish, molasses and other vegetables contain lots of iron – which begs to repeat the rule that you should always green up your plate and eat a lot of vegetables with your meals or as snacks. All types of seafood are a great way to get that iron supply up. Iron and vitamin C work much better when taken together. It would be a good idea to have variety in one meal. Add tomato based pastes or sauces to your dishes, or probable take some orange juice with your lunch.

The women should also stock up on calcium, which is essential for your bones and the development of your baby. It not only ensures both you and your baby is getting a proportionate enough amount of calcium, it also improves your muscles and nerves. Increase your intake of milk and other dairy products. If you happen to be lactose intolerant, you can always buy calcium vitamins over the counter. There are many types of food that contain one of these essential vitamins to get pregnant, like milk, cheese, broccoli, nuts, salmon and apricots.. the list goes on. If you believe that your regular diet lacks much of these essential vitamins to get pregnant, you may want to try prenatal vitamins and tune your body to start stocking up on all this vital nourishment so you can conceive quicker and much easier.