Get Mobile Despite of All Odds – Disability Aid!

If you are disabled or know some one who is near and dear to you and he has some kind of a  disability , don’t you think they deserve to lead a normal life like others? They too are capable of working in the corporate office and their  disability  should not come in the way of their mobility. There are  disability  mobility vehicles designed rightly for them providing hope to millions and thousands suffering from a  disability .

Build in confidence and boost up their self esteem!

It really provides them a lot of confidence when they start living a life independently. They can move around independently with out any one’s help, all thanks to the  disability  mobility vehicles. If you want to travel a longer distance there are specially designed scooters with additional tyres attached. If you don’t want to travel on road there are electric wheel chairs which are meant for moving around your college, work place. You can operate it with the help of joy stick and these are designed for those with low strength in the upper body.

While a motor vehicle is meant for domestic use, an electric scooter is designed for mobility outside. This way a mobility wheel chair has its own limitations and their turning radius is shorter in comparison to the electric vehicles.

Electric scooters are environment friendly and do not lead to any kind of environmental pollution. Hence, there is no need for license and these are economical too. You will have a charging unit and need to charge it on a regular basis, there is no need to wait in the petrol bunks. These are controlled with steering wheels or handle bars! Thus, it offers greater control and mobility for a disabled person and instills a lot of confidence in him.