Get High on Water Content Foods If You Have GERD (Acid Reflux)! – 3 Simple Ways

High Water Content Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of nutrients and vitamins. Add to that the fact that it helps relieve any digestive problems such as GERD, acid reflux, and gastritis, due to its alkaline content which neutralizes the excess acidity in your stomach. Here are three practical ways to get more of this good food into your day:

1. Instead of having chips with your meal, have carrots sticks or cucumber slices instead. – Chips or cookies, especially the ones you mostly get from boxes or packs, admittedly taste better, but once you get to the point of realization that these are low in nutrients (if there are any at all), and they are not a good combination to have with any of your main meals of the day, you are better off combining your meal with fresh vegetables. Remember though, not to take fruits with your meal, as there is a proper way of eating it as I outlined in one of my other write-ups.

2. If you still are hungry at the end of dinner, go for seconds on tossed salad instead of anything else. – Your body should be eating less by dinner especially as it nears your bedtime. This is critical for people who are suffering from GERD, acid reflux, and most digestive disorders. However, what are you to do in case you still end up wanting more food after the last meal of the day? More of that juicy steak you just had? Or otherwise chocolate or ice cream to ensure you get a great meal? These are good "comfort" foods but taken at dinnertime, particularly with your health condition, is just asking for trouble.

3. For a light and healthy breakfast, throw together a collection of all your favorite fresh fruits. – This not only makes it good for your body because of its high water content, but it also is great tasting and certainly a better alternative than your usual eggs, toast, and cereals.

Make these things a habit and feel the difference. Remember that these kind of foods (high water content) serve as a natural cure for GERD, acid reflux, and most of your digestive problems.