Get Chest Muscles Today – 5 Tips to Start Gaining Chest Muscles Now!


A big chest muscle defines that a man is both powerful and dominant. There is a numerous ways you can go about packing on large amounts of muscle to your chest, many will be prove to be successful but the majority will not work. Below are 5 tips that you can rely on to start gaining chest muscle today:

Make sure you progressively overload: Progressive overloading is the idea that adding a certain amount of weight to an exercise each and every workout will provide you with consistent strength gains as well as an increases in muscle mass. Progressive overloading is fantastic for exercises such as the flat barbell bench press. Try adding just 2.5 lbs to the bar each and every workout and you'll start seeing great results.

Flat bench press: The flat bench press is by far the most popular muscle building exercise for the chest muscle. Asking you to lift heavy weights and hit your chest extremely hard, the bench press is one of the best mass builders for the pectorals. I recommend giving it priority and placing the flat bench press at the very start of your chest workouts.

Avoid overtraining: Working out any muscle group more than twice per week is simply a recipe for disaster. Overtraining can severely slow down your progress and sometimes stop the muscle building process altogether. I recommend hitting the chest muscle with no more than 18 sets every week.

Keep your workouts short but intense: It has been proven by various studies that working out for any more than an hour can decrease your gains, this is because after around 45 minutes of high intensity training without nutrition, your body will actually start to use up your muscles as a fuel for energy. Make sure you keep your workouts to well under an hour and where possible to around 45 minutes.

Incline bench press: A problem many novice trainers end up having is a bottom-heavy look to their pectorals. This is usually due to the neglect of training the upper chest muscles when just starting out. To counter this, the incline bench press should be used to build the upper chest muscles. It's an extremely effective exercise and I recommend that you perform it directly after your flat bench presses.

Get chest muscle quickly by implementing all 5 of these effective tips into your workout.