Germanium Cancer Treatment

Germanium is a trace element that enhances the availability of oxygen to both cancer cells and healthy cells. It is well known that cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, since Otto Warburg’s work.

Germanium appears to have a wide range of health benefits, including the ability to normalize high blood pressure and cholesterol, boost the immune system, protect the body against harmful cellular abuse and aberrations, alleviate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, provide some pain relief and generally normalize physiological functions.

Germanium has a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system in cancer patients as well as healthy people. American and Japanese scientists found, in many experiments, that germanium activates the body’s own defenses. Dr. Kidd and Dr. Frank Summerfield, as well as other prominent researchers, have stated that germanium is the ideal immunostimulant.

Doctors in the United States used the inorganic form of germanium, to treat patients with anemia as early as 1922. But it was Dr. Kazuhiko Asai, a Japanese scientist, who first synthesized an organically bound compound, germanium sesquioxide (Ge-132), in 1967.

Several studies have shown GE-132, has excellent anti-tumor activities and helps the patient in quality of life and strength. Dr. Asai was intrigued by the high concentrations of germanium in coal, he himself worked for the Coal Research Institute. Asai theorized that germanium must be present in plants, since coal is composed of fossilized plants.

He found that the highest concentrations of germanium, were found in those plants, that were used for medicinal purposes including shitake mushrooms, ginseng, aloe, garlic and comfrey. The highest levels of germanium were found in shelf fungus, a substance highly regarded by the Russians for centuries in the treatment against cancer.