Genetic Hair Loss

Although genetic  hair   loss  can seem like a curse, it isn’t. It’s inherited from one’s family and is passed down through the generations. You may experience male pattern baldness at the age of twenty-seven, but your twin brother may not! It’s very strange how the gene travels through the family. But the fact remains: it does. Genetic  hair   loss  appears predominately in men, but may also appear in a few select women.

This type of  hair   loss  is inherited through the genetics of genes of one’s mother. With genetic  hair   loss  the reason for balding is not  hair  falling out but the body’s inability to produce more hair. This is due to the hair follicles going through their normal 25 cycles within a very short time period. This causes the follicles to stop producing hairs much earlier than normal.

The reason that this is referred to as pattern baldness is that the balding takes on a distinctive pattern. Men may notice first a receding hair line and then slowly large patches of baldness, as the hair around the crown of the head thins. Normally, the remaining hair can be found on the sides of the head. Females, on the other hand, bald differently with genetic  hair   loss . A woman’s hair will thin progressively all over the scalp. Eventually this will lead to baldness.

It appears that even genetic  hair   loss  is in some way influenced by the hormone testosterone. This is because it has been found to be true that men who do not produce testosterone do not experience genetic  hair   loss . As per the females who experience pattern baldness, most of the women experience thinning hair after menopause. Perhaps this is because their estrogen level has fallen, leaving them more susceptible to the effects of testosterone.

It is important to mention that not all  hair   loss  or thinning  hair  is an indication of genetic  hair   loss . Indeed normal thinning does occur with age, however this slight thinning is barely noticeable and does not cause bald patches. Therefore, one should not worry simply because they are losing a few more hairs daily, but should be concerned if they begin to notice thin or bald spaces.

This type of balding is best treated through surgery. Though the best solution is hair restoration surgery, it can be costly. For the male who can not afford this, hair plugs are an affordable alternative.

Genetic  hair   loss  is possibly the most devastating form of  hair   loss  because it is permanent and can cause total balding. It is also quite noticeable; however with today’s medical procedures one with this condition can live a normal life free from ridicule.