Generation Gap Amongst Parents and Children

Generation gap is common amongst most of the parents and their children in the family. This often results in poor or lack of communication between the parent and the child. Children often feel that their parents do not understand them and hence do get agitated and show aggressive behavior.

The fact of the matter is that parents are the best friends that children can have. They are next only to god in the eyes of children. Who does the child have other than the parents. They look up to parents as their biggest security factor in their life.

The most precious thing for every child is to be loved and supported without judgment. Parents do this for the child and stand by them irrespective of any shortcomings or mistakes. Children confide in parents with the belief and confidence that they will not be reprimanded or punished. This emotional security is very important for every child.

When teenagers exhibit aggressive behavior, there is always an underlying need and asking for attention from parents. They are unable to communicate their feelings and need and often-such attempts end up in miscommunication and lead to verbal battles.

Growing up pains and adjusting to the outside world often is the underlying cause of the emotional vulnerability in children. They often project stronger front on the outside while being over sensitive on the inside.

One way to keep growing children away from troubles is to make the home environment so lively and open that they should prefer to spend time at home rather than outside. To be able to do this one must engage in conversation with them and spend quality time with them.

When children are growing up, their mind is full of confusion, conflict, doubts, anxiety etc. If parents are able to get the child to express all this openly through effective communication with him or her, the child gets a channel to be able to express their case and would be more receptive to advise from parents. Parents in such case should let the child know that it is common for every one to go through growing pangs when they are growing and that this is a normal phenomenon.

The responsibility of creating and opening up the communication channel with the child rests upon parents. Unless and until they create the right environment at home and get their child to express himself, they cannot really help the child but be mute spectators and watch. The parent has to extend the hand of support and only when the child feels safe will he reach out to hold parents hand.