General Symptoms of Cancer


Some of the generalized symptoms of cancer are as follows:

Note: These symptoms are very general and vague. Having one or two of these does not necessarily mean that someone has cancer.

• Persistent Fatigue:

One of the most commonly experienced cancer symptoms is fatigue. Usually occurs when the cancer is at an advanced stage but might still occur in the early stages of cancer.

• Unintentional Weight Loss:

Losing weight without trying might be a welcoming surprise but it might be a warning sign for many illnesses too, including cancer. If 10 pounds or more have been lost unintentionally then it definitely means a visit to the doctor. This weight loss might be experienced with or without the loss of appetite. Remember, weight loss is one of the symptoms of cancer, but it is also a symptom of many other illnesses. So consult your doctor first.

• Pain:

Pain usually is not experienced at an early stage except in the case where the cancer spreads to the bone. It generally occurs when the cancer has spread and has begun to affect other organs and nerves.

• Fever:

Fever is a very non-specific symptom of many health conditions, including cancer. Regarding cancer, a persistent fever or a fever which frequently comes and goes signals stress on the immune system. Fever is commonly experienced in the people whose cancer has spread or in those who have a cancer that affect the blood i.e., leukemia and lymphoma.

• Bowel Changes:

Consult your doctor if following conditions are being experienced: constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stools, gas, thinner stools, or just a general overall change in bowel habits.

• Chronic Cough:

A persistent cough that becomes worse and won’t go away might be a symptom of cancer. See your doctor to be evaluated.