General Information About Ulcer

Peptic ulcer is a very common disease across the world affecting a lot of people. Modern scientists have started to make serious brake troughs in understanding and fighting this disease. because of this we now have the ability to use numerous treatments against ulcer, treating it and even curing it.

It is a well known fact that in order to process our food the stomach produces variable amounts and concentrations of gastric acid. The acids are responsible for the breaking down the food before entering the next stage of the digestion: the small intestine. In order to protect the flesh from this acids , the stomach covers its self in a thick mucous layer.

The ulcer is an actual open wound in the lining of the stomach. Because the mucous layer has been punched through the acid and pepsin have reached the wall of the stomach and have literally started to digest it. We have two types of ulcer with whom to deal with: gastric ulcer which appears in the stomach, and duodenal ulcer that affects the first portion of the small intestine, just beyond the stomach.

Because the lining of mucous of the stomach is gradually destroyed, the gastric acid starts to actually dissolve the wall. This was believed to be the main cause of the appearance of the disease. Recent studies have actually shown that the factor causing the infection is a bacteria called helicobacter pylori.

Scientists have discovered that this bacteria causes the majority of peptic ulcers, which are quite different from those caused by medication like aspirin and arthritis drugs. The bacteria actually has the shape of a spiral and acts on the human body by infecting the protective mucous layer lining the wall of the stomach. The result is that the wall will eventually swell causing the gastritis and the burning pain. The body has an effective way of dealing will the virus actually creating an anti virus to fight it. It is considered that the virus is probably ingested by eating contaminated food or water. The actual ulcer develops after the bacteria has infected and started destroying the mucous layer.

In the other case arthritis medication and aspirin damage the mucous roughly in the same way, determining afterwards the development of ulcer. Moderate usage of the drugs is indicated if the ulcer is to be avoided.

The general and most common of the symptoms is growing pain in the stomach area. They usually appear after the levels of acid have grown and started affecting the wall of the stomach. The pain can be very severe sometimes. Others may feel extreme hunger or even feel bloated. If bleeding occurs in the stomach than the ulcer has reached critical levels and a surgery is needed.

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