General Information about Breast Milk

Many formulas have continued research in their products and have made great strides towards making their formulas as close to real breast milk as possible. Breast feeding, when possible , however, is the best form of feeding required until your baby is at least six months old. After this amount of time you should be certain to have your baby receive his or her immunization shots.

A mother’s breast milk will only sustain a baby’s immune system for so long – then a doctor will have to give him or her shots to boost the baby’s ability to fight off disease. When the baby is almost six months, be sure to get the baby a doctor’s appointment for his or her vaccinations in ample time. These are the proper steps to take for the sake of your baby’s health.

Consistent consultation with your doctor is very important – especially in prenatal care and during infancy. The most important factor that stands when you find yourself in such unfortunate circumstances is to take best possible care of your baby. Speak at length with a doctor about his or her choices of formulas. It is highly recommended that you get a second or even a third opinion about what kind of baby formula to use. And other mothers who have had to use formulas to feed their own infants may be good to consult with as well.

You want your baby to be as protected and as healthy as possible. And just because you can not breast feed, your baby does not have to be deprived of getting the proper nutrition that a baby needs. Often, when breast milk is not recommended it is because the mother’s breast milk is not sufficient for the baby. Therefore, in such cases, high quality formulas are the safest way to care for your baby before he or she can eat baby foods.

When all is said and done, try to follow all of the doctor’s advice throughout prenatal care, and you are very likely to be able to breast feed your baby.