Gecko Food – What Do Geckos Eat?

What kinds of things are gecko food? Geckos are predatory animals. This means that a lot of a geckos day is spent hunting for food.

Geckos eat insects mainly due to their abundance. They like to eat crickets mostly but will generally eat anything they can catch. It is very important to ensure the crickets are not too big for your pet to handle, never feed a gecko a cricket that is larger than its head in size.

Geckos when in captive will also eat meal worms and wax worms.

Wax worms should be given as a treat maybe 3 worms per week at most. Baby geckos will eat fruit flies. The species drosophila are the most popular.

Feed your gecko twice a day in the beginning months. Reduce to twice a week when they are over 7 months old.

When your gecko reaches adult size you can introduce a pinkie mouse into their diet to keep them at their healthiest.

It is very important you monitor how much a gecko eats so that it gets enough food. It is a good idea to provide a separate container to the one they live in to feed them their meals. You can monitor their diet easily and keep the main habitat clean.

Dusting the insects a great way to deliver important vitamins and minerals to a gecko. Insects and the dusting powder can be put together in a plastic bag or tin can, and shaken gently to coat the insects.

You can also add a jar lid that has some vitamin powder in it to the cage. Geckos seem to know when to take a little as required for their health. Feeding the gecko food every other day should be optimal. Feeding eight meal worms three to four time a week to a four inch gecko which fits the two appropriately sized insects for every inch of your gecko’s total length dietary model.