GB Syndrome – A Rare Dangerous Disease

Previous month I got a bad news about my brother-in-law, he is suffering from an unknown disease from the past 15 days. Even the doctors at the local hospitals are unaware of the disease and symptoms. Here's how it all started, from 2-3 days he was feeling sever pains in his hands and legs. First of all his family thought it might be the regular leg pains so they massages him with some local ointment and waited for the pains to get relieved. But the pain was still there. After a week he was not able to walk and was not even able to feel his hands and legs. Now this is a serious situation, the parents thought and admitted him to the local hospital. But it's of no use. The doctors were unaware of the disease. Then they took him to the city hospital which has good doctors. There he was diagnosed with a very rare disease GB Syndrome, which has no cure at present. It's a very rare disease one or two in a million. Now after a month still he is not able to walk and feel his body parts. Only thing which is working is his neck and face. But doctors warned of situation can be worse if his breathing system stops working.

I was really very sad and was afraid after knowing his condition. Even I heard about this disease for the first time so I thought why not tell you all about this disease in detail, its symptoms, its support groups all over the world and what to do to partially cure this disease. The information here is taken from various medical magazines and journals and the cure mentioned here is not mine but it's used by the doctors all over the world to partially cure this disease.

Disease Name: Guillain-Barré syndrome
Sign & Symptoms:
1. Severe pain in the lower back.
2. Weakness of the lower limbs
3. Rapidly progresses in an ascending fashion, usually over periods of hours to days.
4. Arms and facial muscles also become affected.
5. Frequently, the lower cranial nerves may be affected.
6. Very slow heart rate or low blood pressure
7. Respiratory difficulties.

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