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Gastritis is a common stomach disorder brought on by many causes such as excessive ingestion of pain killers, alcohol, tobacco smoke and poor eating habits. The best way to cure and prevent gastritis is by forming a “gastritis diet” which introduces food items which have acid fighting capabilities while banishing items which increase the condition. The gastritis diet features smaller portions and reduced gap between meals.

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Let’s start with breakfast, it is the most important meal of any regular day and is also the most important meal of the gastritis diet. Dairy products are to be taken in moderation but are not to be avoided completely. A yoghurt parfait, some fresh fruits, eggs and toast or a light cereal such as muesli along with fruit juice is quite sufficient to start a day. Fruits such as apples, oranges, peaches and berries are good additions while strong tea, coffee and meat products should be watch out for.

As the day progresses, the gastritis diet requires a few special additions for lunch. One of the most popular gastritis cures include coconut water and potato juice drunk before meals. It would be good if one of these two can be taken before commencing the meal. The meal itself should not contain gas inducing vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage and fatty meat items such as ground meat and pork sausages which are hard to digest. When one takes on a regular weight loss regime, desserts are usually put on the chopping block. In the gastritis diet, only chocolate and sugar based desserts are avoided while allowing room for light stomach friendly low acid fruit sorbets.

Famous dinner foods such as pasta, chilli and certain soups have to be avoided in order to discourage the symptoms of gastritis. Instead, healthy alternatives like slow cooked chicken with fresh herbs, salads and rice are to be opted for. As mentioned before, three meals are not going to keep those stomach acids tamed for long, it is essential to incorporate light healthy snacks in between meals in order to make the gastritis diet work. The best snacks are nuts, cucumber, celery and fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies with reduced milk.

Maintaining a gastritis diet may take a bit of practice especially when it comes to cutting down on the caffeine and sugar. The best way to get accustomed to the new eating pattern is to practice moderation at all times.

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