Gastritis – Causes and Natural Home Remedies

Gastritis is a disorder characterized by inflammation and even depletion of stomach lining. When the stomach fails to produce or produces inadequately certain protective enzymes, the hydrochloric acid level mounts and corrosively acts on stomach lining consuming it bit by bit. This leads to gastritis. Under severe conditions, the stomach lining even bleeds. Gastritis causes gnawing pain in upper abdomen and much discomfort that takes a toll on the person’s capacity to work. The painful condition is often termed as dyspepsia.

Gastritis can affect people of all ages. Gastritis often results in severe indigestion and ulcer formation. Apart from pain, gastritis produces symptoms like belching, bloating, nausea, vomiting, burning sensation and fullness in upper abdomen, weakness, coated tongue, headache, giddiness, lethargy, urinary problems, diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite, foul breath, depression and acidity. Gastritis may be acute or chronic in nature. The causes of gastritis may be listed as follows:

1. Too much eating of junk food or food cooked in adulterated oil.
2. Habitual over-eating
3. Stress and anxiety for prolonged period
4. Excessive intake of alcohol
5. Excessive intake of strong caffeine
6. Swallowing of acids
7. Swallowing foreign bodies like pins or paper clips.
8. Certain drugs like aspirin, steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, potassium supplements, iron tablets, chemotherapy medications etc.
9. Autoimmune diseases
10. Pernicious anemia
11. Peptic ulcers
12. Radiation treatment
13. Surgery consisting in the removal of a part of stomach
14. Medical procedures like endoscopy
15. Infections like bacterial (H.Pylori), fungal, viral, parasitic.
16. Syphilis
17. Tuberculosis
18. Iron deficiency
19. Chronic vomiting.

Home Remedies for Gastritis

1. Mix carom seeds with a pinch of black salt and consume. This relieves gastritis.

2. Drink half cup potato juice before meals to get rid of gastritis.

3. Consume 2 bowls of rice gruel twice daily. This is a useful gastritis remedy.

4. Add a pinch of black salt and 3 grams of Sprague to half pound of curd and consume. This checks gastritis.

5. Drink glassful buttermilk twice daily to avoid gastritis.

6. Drink coconut water everyday to free yourself from gastritis.

7. Mix cumin water and asafetida into tamarind water and drink daily. This cures gastritis.

8. Chew fresh ginger before meals to escape gastritis pain.

9. A glass of fresh lemon juice daily will safeguard you from gastritis.

10. Chew roasted fennel seeds before meals to get relief from gastritis.

11. Dissolve carrot juice in to glassful spinach juice. This prevents gastritis.

12. Mix 2 grams of Sprague powder and a pinch of black salt in to 1 and half glass of warm water and drink. This is an effective home remedy for gastritis.

13. A tablespoon of an infusion prepared from the herb marigold, if taken twice daily, gives instant relief from gastritis.

14. 1 teaspoon honey may be taken twice daily to get cured of gastritis problem naturally and quickly.

15. Application of hot water bottle on empty stomach 2 times daily is an effective way to treat gastritis.