Gassy After Eating Anything – Have Gas And Bloating After Every Meal?

Do you frequently find that you have gas and bloating after every meal? If so then there is a very likely chance that the cause is a problem with your digestive system that needs correcting. This problem is known as a prevalent fungus that lives in an estimated 90% of the population. It’s called candida albicans and it can cause a lot more than just gas and bloating after eating food as I’ll explain. I’ll explain some natural cures for gas and bloating and then how this fungus may be the real reason you’re experiencing these chronic issues.

First 2 quick natural cures for Gas and Bloating

#1. Probiotics – If you haven’t tried these before, then now is the time. These beneficial bacteria are a major reason for gas and bloating, more specifically a lack of them is the cause. You see whenever you take an anti-biotic or a drug of some kind it has a very high likelihood of destroying most of these good bacteria. Over time a large portion of these bacteria can become killed off, this leaves room for bad bacteria and fungus such as candida to spread.

#2. Digestive Enzymes – Very often over the course of eating a very processed and toxic diet the body will begin to deplete its ability to produce digestive enzymes. These enzymes can be of a huge help to those suffering from gas and bloating, however they themselves are not the cure. In many cases the overgrowth of candida in the body will actually reduce your bodies production of enzymes. This being just one of many ways in which candida is involved in weakening digestive processes in the body.

The solution to eliminating digestive problems of all kinds once and for all in an effective diet and cleanse targeted to eliminating candida and all the other contributing factors that allow for candida to destroy a healthy body. Not only does candida negatively affect digestion but also affects moods and has been linked as the main cause of ADD/ADHD and something called brain fog where it seems like concentration is always impaired. If that wasn’t bad enough it is also a common cause of allergies and even asthma. There is a list of over 100 potential symptoms caused by candida. The best solution is to take a candida test and determine if you are at risk.