Gas Scooters – a Power Sports Fun


Gas scooters are two-wheeled transportation vehicles. Gas scooters are motor vehicle built over a particular frame. It has two small wheels, where the size of wheels varies from 10″ to 16″ in diameter. The engines of Gas scooters are placed in the rear side of the vehicle. These engines of Gas scooters are made for light duty only so they are not very powerful but enough for carrying two adult person easily. In Gas scooters, you will find large range of designs such as small or large wheels scooters, front fairing or floor boards scooters, manual or automatic transmission scooters and step-through or step-over frames scooters. The engine displacement of Gas scooters ranges from 50 cc to 799 cc.

In most part of the world like America, Asia and Europe, Gas scooters has become the basic form of urban transportation because they can be bought at very low cost and they also have easy driving position. Gas scooters are easy to ride and can be driven by both adults and children over the age of 16. But there are different traffic regulations in different parts of the world. If you live in a crowded city then Gas scooters are the best options for your transportation. There are many benefits of Gas scooters such as they are easy to drive, they gives good mileage, easily comes out of a traffic jam and can be afforded by middle class or lower class families also. The price ranges of a Gas scooter vary from $1000 to $4000.

You can buy a Gas scooter from a dealer or from any dealer on the web. But buying Gas scooters on the web is more profitable. If you go to a dealer or a showroom you may have to pay various types of taxes and other things. But if you buy a Gas scooter from the web dealer then these taxes or other expense gets lower. You will also have a wide variety of options to choose a Gas scooter. A normal Gas scooter has the following specifications:

  1. Engine – 150cc Air Cooled, 4 Strokes, Single Cylinder.
  2. Maximum Power – 11 HP.
  3. Maximum Torque – Feel it for yourself.
  4. Ignition – 12V / 7A CDI.
  5. Start – Electric w/Key Ignition & Kick Starter.
  6. Transmission – Dry-auto acentric.
  7. Dimensions LXWXH – 76X27X46 inches. (Depends on models)
  8. Seat Height – 29.5″
  9. Dry Weight – 265 lbs.
  10. Tires – Front/Rear 130/60 – 13
  11. Brakes – Front Hydraulic Disc, Rear Drum.
  12. Top Speed – Up To 55 inches.
  13. Wheel base – 53.5 inches.
  14. Fuel Capacity – 1.7 Gallons.
  15. Weight Capacity – 325 lbs.
  16. Colors – Red, Black, Yellow and Blue. (Depends on models)

Over the last few decades Gas scooters have gained large popularity. According to Motorcycle Industry Council, in United States the sales of Gas scooters have been doubled since 2000. These Gas scooters have become more popular because of various things such as weight, size, fuel efficiency and larger storage room in comparison to motorcycles. In some parts they also have fewer restrictions in comparison to motorcycle in the same area. There are some more benefits of Gas scooters such as it can go in those areas also where four wheeler or big vehicles cannot go.

You also have lots of options while buying a Gas scooter. There are wide ranges of manufacturer of Gas scooters and which produces several different models. You can choose the right one for you. All these Gas scooters come with complete paper work and warranty. So there is no risk involved. You can buy it for power sports fun or for low transportation. In both cases you are gaining something.