Garlic – The Ultimate Cold and Flu Fighter

Cold and flu season is here. Every year beginning around September we start seeing advertisements in front of every pharmacy telling you to get your flu shots for the upcoming season. The unfortunate thing about the flu vaccine is that it is always a step behind the actual flu. The flu virus mutates and changes slightly from year to year. So the particular strain of flu that passes through this year, will almost always be different from the one that came through last year.

Scientists can try to guess what strain will be coming this year, but that is very difficult to do beforehand. So vaccine makers typically base their vaccine on the most recent flu strain that has passed through. But last year's virus is not the same as this year's virus. So the flu vaccine you are taking this year may not be the right type for this year's particular flu strain.

A co-worker of my wife would get her flu shot every single year. And every single year like clockwork she would come down with the flu about a week after getting the shot. This went on for the entire 10 years my wife worked there. When my wife pointed out that correlation her co-worker replied "well, just think how bad my flu would have been if I had not gotten the flu shot."

Often she never noticed that my wife rarely got the flu (twice in those ten years) and when she did she was usually over it in one or two days. And my wife never got the flu vaccine.

My wife did, however, use a lot of garlic. She used it in her cooking, used it by itself and used it in some simple home remedies as well. Garlic has proven to be a wonderful antiviral and antibacterial herb. To date there is no virus that has mutated to become immune to garlic. Yet, the flu virus mutates every year to become immune to last year's flu vaccine.

Here is a spectacular home remedy dealing with the cold and flu if you catch it. An added benefit of this remedy is that it will also heal any sore throat associated with the cold or flu very quickly.


2 cloves of garlic pressed or mashed

A spoonful of honey

one fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Mix these together to form a paste. Then eat the paste directly from the spoon. You will be tempted to wash this down with water as it is pretty hot with the cayenne pepper in it. Do not do it. Endure the heat and let it sit there for at least 15 minutes, longer is even better.

This is why it works. The honey is there to make it taste better and also to make sure the mixture stays on your throat. That is why you do not want to wash it down with water. Keep it in place so that it can do its job. The cayenne pepper will stimulate the cells in your throat and the heat it creates will cause blood to flow to the area. The increased blood flow to your throat will heal it faster as the blood brings all of its white blood cells. The garlic is a great antiviral and antibacterial agent as we've discussed above.

Make up paste and use it three times a day. Even more often for a severe sore throat. It will clear it up within a day or two in most cases. Also, do not get too concerned about the exact measurements for the herbs. I never measure. You really can not mess this one up as long as you have all three ingredients. However, you definitely want to error on the side of putting too much cayenne and garlic in, instead of too little. Even though it is really hot, it is the active ingredient for healing the sore throat. And garlic is the active ingredient for curing the cold or flu itself. So do not skimp.

Happy winter, and may you never have another cold, flu, or sore throat again.