Garlic Herbal Cures

While the news is out the Dracula enjoys the occasional batch of garlic fries dipped in his very own special sauce, garlic is still a powerful remedy against the dreaded monsters “Coldzilla” and “Flucula” (no relation). Garlic, while unable to ward off the undead has proven effective against viruses, bacteria and fungus. This potent little herb contains so many viral killing sulfide compounds, that your cold will not stand a chance against it.

There are many ways to use garlic as a cold remedy, from including it in a soup to using it straight out of the fleshy parchment that it comes in. Raw garlic is perhaps to most effective way to utilize garlic’s entire cold bust potential, but cooked garlic also helps, and thanks to its ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, certainly does not hurt. An effective garlic immunity soup can be made by boiling water, then adding lightly sauteed garlic, onion and ginger to it. You then add a little chicken broth and simmer for two hours. A tea made from ginger, garlic and honey is also very effective.

Many times, when I feel a cold coming on I will take a clove of garlic, cut it up and then chew on it directly. Allicin is a sulfide compound that forms when a garlic clove is either chopped or crushed. It is by far the most effective natural anti microbial that garlic contains, but also disappears quickly in the presence of heat. While raw garlic burns the throat a bit and gives me garlic breath like no other, it also is very effective and killing off the rapidly expanding viral material with the mucus lining of my nose and throat. Sometimes I will even juice a few cloves along with lemon and ginger and drink it straight down benefitting from the immune potentiating power of these three wonder foods.

Here are some other ways to use garlic when you feel sick

• You can infuse garlic into vinegar which allows you to get the raw benefits of garlic while preparing a homemade salad dressing.

• You can also prepare a garlic rub by covering a few garlic cloves in a some olive and letting it sit for about a half of an hour. You can then rub this oil on your feet before bed time along with a pair of socks. The garlic will then enter your system and bring its healing powers to your chest and lung. You can also use this garlic rub as a chest applicant.

As you can see, there are many way to use nature’s gift of garlic as a cold remedy. As a potent antiviral garlic will always have the ability to knock out the cold virus. The cold, which modern medicine has failed to find a cure for, has not developed a way around the killing effects of allicin which works by blocking certain enzymes that the virus feeds off of.