Gallbladder Disease – Symptoms and Treatment

Gallbladder disease is a widely spread disease these days, mainly because our eating habits get worse day by day and people get more and more obese. The disease is actually caused by little stones called gallstones. They are made of bile salt, calcium and cholesterol. These stones cause inflammation of the gallbladder and have to be treated as soon as possible because they can cause many other complications. That is why we have to know what the symptoms of gallbladder disease are.

Symptoms of Gall Bladder Stones

As we have previously said it is important to know the symptoms in order to react in time and start proper medical treatment. The symptoms of Gallbladder stones are:

– Sharp abdominal pain: When one of the gallstones starts to obstruct the bile ducts that go to the intestine, the affected person might feel sharp colic in the abdominal area.The pain starts in the upper part of the abdomen and goes toward the back. When this happens, bloating and indigestion can be also present. Laying still and waiting for the gallbladder attack to pass is something many patients do.

– Fever and jaundice: If the gall bladder obstructs completely, an infection can be caused. High fever and jaundice are the most common symptoms of an obstruction and they are usually accompanied with a severe and constant pain. Unfortunately this pain can last for a couple of hours.

Although there are several ways to treat gallbladder disease, one of the most effective is surgery. The surgery is not complicated, and is considered to be safe and the patients recover quickly. There are two procedures that are used to treat the gallbladder disease. They are: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Patients and surgeons give advantage to the laparoscopic surgery because it is less risky and the scars after the surgery are less obvious.

Getting rid of the gall bladder symptoms is not that hard. We have many effective methods today and that’s why it is important to visit the doctor if your gallbladder starts causing problems. If you neglect the symptoms of gallbladder disease you are going to face many complication.