Gallbladder Disease Symptoms

Gallbladder Disease Symptoms are often confused with heartburn symptoms but knowing more about gallbladder pain and symptoms will help you find out if you are experiencing gallbladder problems and how you can find treatment.

A major difference between gallbladder symptoms and heartburn is that heartburn should only occur now and then, if you are experiencing “heartburn” symptoms or similar pains frequently or almost every day than it may be a sign of a gall bladder problem.

Your gall bladder is placed right below your liver and its function is to store bile that is used to digest fat. That is why lumps of cholesterol can easily form in this area, also known as gallstones.

In many cases, gallbladder disease symptoms can be very painful. Here are some common symptoms associated with gallbladder disease.

– Chest Pain

– Symptoms Similar to Heartburn

– Vomiting

– Pain increases after eating

– Stomach Pain

– Back Pain

– Nausea

In worse cases, if this disease goes untreated, you can experience fever, chills and increasing chest pains.

Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms because the bile stored in your gallbladder is clogged up due to gallbladder stones. This will cause the above symptoms.

It is important to know what the symptoms of gall bladder disease are, if you think you are experiencing this kind of pain check with your doctor and start treating it quickly so you can avoid surgery.

One of the most recommended and used treatment to get rid of gallbladder disease and gallstones is with natural remedies that will allow you to naturally cleanse your gallbladder.