Gall Bladder and Its Factor Risks

Among its factor risks we count: overweight, rapid weight loss, diabetes, treatment with birth control pills, females, age over 40, ethnicity, alchool consumption, heredity, high cholesterol and triglicerides, low calorie diets, immunosuppressive drugs, refined sugars and saturated fats, low diet in fibers, constipation, anemias, chrons disease. Other risks factors mentioned are: chronic heartburn, Atkins diet, use of antiacids.

Gall bladder problems and gallstones occur when sedentary life and an unhealthy diet of highly processed foods with fried foods, white flour, white sugar, hydrogenated mingle. The risk exists even if you eat or not fat foods because it may cause stasis and bile thickening. A study published in BMC Gastroenterology 2002 children are very sensible and the cases of gall bladder in children are rising.

Symptoms in gall bladder disease

Symptoms in gall bladder diseases are very much alike with symptoms in other diseases that’s why several tests are needed to determine exact the disease. Gas, bloating, burping, belching, tenderness even discomfort under the rib cage on the right side. Those symptoms are the common ones and they prevent an attack of gall bladder. Constipation and weight gain are also symptoms of gall bladder disease. An indigestion may be caused by the lack of bile to act on the fat substance from the meal. A stone could be blocking the flow of bile and the gall bladder is distended then it becomes inflammed and its content gets infected. The gall bladder could be dyskinetic and the stasis of bile could be in the liver with the formation of sludges and calculi.

Gall bladder attack symptoms may occur any time at night or after a fatty meal, attacks last for 1-2 hours, may cause nausea and vomiting and severe pain in the back between the shoulders. After a true attack occurs, subsequent attacks are more frequent. Pains can appear in the upper abdomen or below the ribs on the right side they are rare, once in a while. It may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and may spread in the right shoulder, the attack of pain can be severe and frequent and may have different durations from minutes to hours. Attacks are triggered by chocolate, cheese or pastry and other fatty foods.

Biliary dyskinesia meaning a disease of the gall bladder without the presence of gallstones, the gall bladder can’t empty its whole content, is a frequently disease in obese people. The problem could be with the sphincter of Oddi, the gall bladder’s muscles or a chronic inflammation. In this case the pain appears in the right upper quadrant. If you are suffering of biliary dyskinesia please answer briefly those questions: Do you follow a treatment for acidity? Do you take many anti-acids?
How often do you feel indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux in a week? Are you constipated most of the time? You may list any other symptom that you consider it affects your digestion.

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