Gaining Muscle Mass and Strength

Are you someone who wants to gain some serious muscle and be strong? The most effective way of gaining muscle and strength is to use muscle mass building workouts and other weight training exercises which work for specific muscle groups. These exercises are proven to build muscle mass and promote optimal strength gains in those who use them regularly in their overall muscle mass building workout plan.

It is highly recommended that you have a training partner with you when performing these exercises. I will discuss here some of the muscle mass building workouts designed for muscle and strength gain.

Barbell squats are done by placing a barbell behind the neck and rest it upon your shoulders surely. Distance between two feet must be a little beyond shoulder width. To start this workout, squat slowly as if you are on your way to sit on a chair. Continue squatting until your thighs become parallel to the floor. Once you have reached that point, return to the starting position. Throughout your squats, make sure to keep your back as straight as possible. One helpful technique of achieving this is by choosing a particular spot on the wall in front of you and focusing on that spot only during the duration of the workout.

A military press is done by standing within a squat rack area and placing a barbell across the   collar   bone  upon your upper chest. With feet apart, keep one leg behind you for support and the other one, underneath you. Press the barbell up your head, and then go back to starting position. Do this repeatedly for your desired number of repetitions.

A barbell bench press is done by first lying down on a flat bench press machine, with your back flat. Grab the barbell above you and lift it off the rack carefully. After doing so, lower it to about 3 inches your chest above slowly. Once you have done this, press the bar back and get back to the starting position. Make sure that the bar does not touch your chest. This would only lead to stress and joint pains. Remember that in lowering the bar, do it slowly. On the contrary, when you press back the bar, do it in a sort of explosive manner. Repeat this for as many repetitions as you can muster.

The Power Cleans muscle mass building workout is a combination routine exercise that would absolutely work your entire body. When performing this exercise, it is extremely recommended that you be supervised by a qualified trainer. Also, you have to be in an location designed particularly for Power Cleans or a room with enough space to perform this workout. To begin, position a barbell at your feet on the floor. With your back kept straight, squat down slowly and with both hands, clutch the barbell by using an overhand grip, about a little further than shoulder width apart. Lift the barbell using both of your legs which must have you ending up in a standing position. Do this lifting to standing position in only one motion. The barbell must end up being only about mid-thigh level and to achieve that, your arms must be kept hanging straight down. After that, in one motion again, raise your elbows toward the ceiling so that the barbell gets lifted enough to touch your chin. While doing so, drop back one of your legs underneath you to provide extra support. Lastly, bring back in your supporting leg so that you end up in a standing position with the barbell inserted under your chin. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

There you have it! These are just some of the muscle mass building workouts that you can use. If these are not enough for you, you can consult health magazines, bodybuilding experts, and your friend, the Internet.