Gain Muscle and Lose Weight – The Whey Protein Diet


Whey protein or whey protein powder is a kind of globular protein that is primarily used by the bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletics. The name suggests, this globular protein prepared from whey. Whey is a by-product of cheese production. Now a day, whey protein increases its popularity significantly. There are several reasons are responsible for that. The prime reason of it is – scientists found some anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties on it. Not only that, it is a mild protein that easily absorbed in the human body in a very short time frame. Alternatively, it is easily acceptable by vegetarians.

As mentioned earlier, whey protein is one of the best proteins apart from egg white and widely used as a dietary supplement in bodybuilding arena. However, if you’re suffering with milk allergies, then we strongly recommend you – DO NOT use whey protein.  

In recent days, obesity has now become a global epidemic and it doesn’t obey any border! Not only in Europe, Asian and other countries also growing numbers of obesity victims. Most importantly, there is no magical solution available to get rid of overweight. Proper exercise and balanced diet is the only solution to get slim and trim. From this perspective, the dietary protein or health supplements takes place. Usually, people do their workouts in the gym and the basic rule of weight training is – torn the muscles using workout, burn calories, reduce fat and build new muscles by consuming proteins and other essential elements like vitamin and mineral and dietary fiber.  

Why Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the highest quality protein, as mentioned earlier – it is primarily consumed directly as a health supplement by the bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletics. However, many people also use it in cooking and other food products for indirect consumption. The reason of its popularity is – it’s not only quickly absorbed in the human body (usually it will take only 15 minutes to digest) but also it helps to build the initial muscle blocks. It can repair and rebuild muscles.

Whey protein comes with different variations. According to their manufacturing process, they are classified under three categories. They are – isolated, concentrate and hydrolyzed.  Isolated and concentrate whey are mostly used, nevertheless, the hydrolyzed whey is more effective than the other two varieties, but they are more costly than others.  

Who Can Consume Whey Protein?

Well, practically everyone can use it. Specially, those people who require high volume of protein like – bodybuilder, athletics and weightlifters. Alternatively, women and children can consume it too. But the doses are different from adults to children.

Unlike other “so-called” health supplements, it is completely free from any side effects. But before buying any product, make sure that – the product is organic and no chemical/preservatives added to it. Finally, if you have milk allergy or digestive problem, please consult with your instructor and doctor before adding it into your diet regime. Last but not the list, usually, you need 0.8 grams of protein in every kilogram, so, you need not to consume excessive amount of protein, because consuming an excessive number of protein can’t help you, rather create problems for you.