Future of Cars

Today, in this modern era every thing is being automated. It is no doubt that we have entered in the world realm of future of cars. In the future the possibilities are end less and any thing is possible. Today, cars have come a long way since their invention in the late 1700's. In the 16th century many of the inventors dreamed of a horseless carriage. According to them the carriage should be such which pulls it self on its own, meaning a vehicle which could travel on its own power. Old automobiles were very unreliable. They made too much noise, destroyed the roads and even exploded on the face.

Since then cars have improved a lot. They do not destroy roads like the old ones. And the best thing they do not explode on the face. Now cars are equipped with different and expensive gizmos, which give a great look to the car. In the past cars were only modes of transportation. But now they have become a luxury item.

We can only dream about the cars of the future. Lets over view some of the cars of the future.

Future Plans for Kia:
The next generation of Kia will switch from front wheel to rear wheel drive. These new cars are cheaper, sportier looking and slightly smaller than the previous ones.

PAL-V One (Future Fantasy):
It is basically a descendant of the technology which was first introduces on the 1920's. It is also referred to as tricycle helicopter. It will be a flying car and will be available by 2012. Its top speed will be up to 125mph. It will reach from zero to sixty in about eight seconds. Its vehicle range will be 500mph. Fuel efficiency will be 38 mpg. For flight it will go up to 97 knots. Cruise speed will be up to 80 knots. Maximum rate of climb will be about 800 ft / minute.

Hybrid persu Future of cars :
This hybrid vehicle is a revolutionary, two passenger, fully enclosed, tilting three wheel vehicle. This car incorporates a unique technology and the best components available. It can park very easily in sharp corners.

This vehicle will have gas or electric hybrid system installed in them. Its top speed will be up to 100mph. It will go from 0 to 60mph in six seconds. Its electric range will be up to 20 miles. The battery system which is going to be used in this perfect vehicle will be Lithium ion.

Flow Air:
This vehicle is a new generation vehicle which is going to solve the problem of pollution. Today most of the pollution in the environment is due to gases which are ejected out of the vehicles. So this car is not only going to reduce pollution but is also going to make driving easy. This vehicle is going to be configured for about 3 to 5 people. Its top speed will be up to 96 mph. Vehicle range will be up to 348 miles. The fuel which is going to be used for this vehicle is going to be none other than the compressed air. Fuel efficiency will be up to 106 mpg.

First Bio Diesel Race Car:
It is going to be the first Formula 3 racing car, which is designed from substantial and renewable materials. Its top is going to be up to 140 mph. Front and rear tires will be of Avon. The fuel which is going to be used by this racing vehicle is bio diesel, which may be derived from waste chocolate or vegetable oil.