Fungal Infection on Your Feet-athlete Foot

If your foot is not burning in pain, it is itchy or smelly. But it is not until you lift them up and check what the hell goes on in between your toes, if not the bottom or the sides of the feet.

What you see is most likely a human foot condition that is referred to as the athlete foot or tinea pedis.

What really is this?

Medical experts state that tinea pedis is a parasitic fungal infection that likes falling in love with your foot epidermis.

One thing that you must not confuse though is that athlete foot is the disease and not the brassy fungi.

They continue to add that this second common skin infection in United States can be caused by many types of these fungi.

This however does not exempt the human outside the U S, for the simple fact that they are human and prone to germs.

How you catch this fungal infection

A simple touch on the affected parts could make you inherit some of your own. You could touch those lavatory sits, door or even your pets.

But i have got no idea where I got mine, not anywhere near or between my toes but on the bottom and sides of my feet.

How persistent is athlete foot?

Talking from experience, for a period of five years now, these ugly looking sores goes and just come back, how I hate them!

I should tell you though that this will depend on the severity of your case and the kind of attention you give them.

Sometimes I get so infuriated by these tiny fungi that I feel like trying any obtainable remedy.

What symptoms should I look at?  

A good look at my share of this disgraceful fungal ailment, I can assure you that they do not just hurt but are hideous too.

They look like some sort of blisters containing clear pus, itchy and appear dark brown when dry.

They appear as fast as they disappear and it is difficult to wake up one day and see your feet all spotless.

Those that materialize between your toes are caused by fungi that love the moist, dark and warm environment obvious in this space.

At the height of this fungal infection, not even your toe nails will be spared. If you search of pictures of people with this problem from the web, do not be surprised at their plight.

Your toes may be inflamed right at the root and this may be so severe that one may think they will fall off soon.

Your profuse feet sweat makes this condition signs worse.

Who can diagnose it well?

This happens to be your one and only intelligent doctor. Let him take a whiff at that space between your toes, he will stand it because this is his work.

He may even tell you that yours is not anywhere close to a fungal infection and prescribe differently.

Can I bid athlete foot goodbye now?

Of course, this is possible if you do not have my type, which is pure anguish, it won’t let my feet breath.

At the beginning of this year (2008), I thought my journey with this infection was about to end when I used some very natural aloe Vera juice plus another quite unfamiliar plant from the forest.