Fungal Infection Natural Home Remedies And Treatments


Fungal infections are of varied types such as athlete foot, ringworm, jock itch, and many more. These are caused by fungus tinea. Another popularly known fungal infection is yeast infection, caused by candida albicans. Fungal infections are more likely to develop in people with weak immune system. Diabetic people are also more likely to develop fungal infection and the reason behind it is the elevated level of glucose in the body. This increased level of sugar provides food for some fungus and encourage their growth.

The fungus develops a red scaling patch that itches. It may infect other exposed area of the body. Fungal infection is normally seen in the rainy season. The other symptoms of fungal infections are circular lesions, which are itchy, scaly and may occur on any exposed area of the body. In case of nail fungus, there may be rigidity, dryness and discoloration of the nails and formation of black streaks on the nail surfaces.

Ringworms are common type of fungal infection that infects the inner and upper parts of the thighs and the groins. Fungal infection may also cause baldness, itching and scaling in the scalp, and dryness and brittleness in the hair.

Home Remedies for Fungal Infections

1. Rub the juice of garlic on the region of the infection. This is a good home remedy for skin disorder of fungal origin.

2. One of the useful home remedies for fungal infection is turmeric. Pound a piece of fresh raw turmeric along with some holy basil leaves. Apply this paste locally on the affected area twice a day.

3. Prepare a paste by pounding together raw turmeric and few margosa (neem) leaves. Apply this paste on the infected region two or three times.

4. Prepare a paste of freshly ground basil leaves and apply locally on the infected area. This is a useful natural remedy in case of skin rash with fungal infection.

5. Extract the juice from fresh leaves of mint and apply locally to treat fungal infection.

6. Camphor mixed in some coconut oil when applied on the skin patch gives good relief from the infection. For best result, apply this remedy daily at least 3 times.

7. Scalp fungal infection causes a moth eaten appearance of multiple bald spots. Trim the hair properly to clean the scalp. Apply mashed garlic and onion juice to cure the patches.

8. There are many antifungal powders available in the market. Apply an antifungal powders on the infected area.

9. Proper hygiene is very important to prevent fungal growth.

Hope, I have covered some useful home remedies for fungal infection that may help you in the natural treatment of this problem. You can also find home remedies for various other health conditions by following our website given below.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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