Funeral Cost

“How much does a funeral cost?” is one of the most asked questions received from consumers. That cost is determined by (3) three things: type of services (traditional, graveside, memorial, etc.), merchandise (casket,vault, etc.) and advances (i.e. grave space, interment fees, flowers, etc.).

The average family will experience the lost of a loved one every 10-15 years. This inevitable experience requires us to know “what to do” in the event of a death. First, documenting your final wishes. This will help tremendously in determining the type of services required to carry out final wishes. Next, arm yourself with the cost of services required to carry out these wishes. Accomplish this task by visiting your local funeral service provider and request a copy of General Price List. Lastly, make sure you have the resources necessary to carry out these request (i.e. insurance, trust, etc.).

Following is a list of services available along with perspective “average cost”:

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff: $2,000

Embalming: $800

Other Preparations of Body:

Cosmetology, grooming, dressing, casketing: $300

Hairstyling: $50

Alternative Care (bathing and surface disinfecting): $250

Refrigeration (per day): $50

Additional fee for autopsy or organ, tissue, bone donation: $400

Expedited cremation (additional fee): $250

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home: $325

Funeral Facilities:

Facilities and Staff for Visitation/ Viewing ($50 per additional hour): $500

Facilities and staff for funeral service: $550

Facilities and staff for memorial service: $550

Equipment and staff for graveside service: $450

Equipment and staff for church visitation and viewing: $400

Equipment and staff for church funeral or memorial service: $550

Staff for Saturday or Sunday service in addition to selected service: $450

Automotive Equipment:

Hearse/funeral coach for funeral: $300

Flower van/funeral car: $125

Direct Cremations: $3,000 to $10,000

Immediate Burial: $2,500 to $12,00

Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home: $3,500

Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home/Mortuary: $2,500

Remembrance or Memorial Package:

Register Books: $30+

Acknowledgment Cards: $20

Memorial Folders: $35+

Prayer Cards (per 100): $35+

Temporary Grave Marker: $20

Anticipated Cash Advances:

Medical Examiner’s Cremation Permit Fee: Varies depending on state

Limousine 6 passenger (3 hour minimum): $300

Limousine 8 passenger (3 hour minimum): $325

Limousine additional hours: $100 per hour

Funeral Merchandise:

Caskets: $500-$10,000

Rental Casket: $1,000

Outer Burial Containers: $1,250-$4,000

Cremation Vault: $550

Air Shipment Tray: $200

Combination Casket/Air Tray: $225

Burial or Canvas Pouch: $150

Alternative Container: $450

Clothing: Suits – $250, Dresses – $250, Shrouds – $150

The average funeral cost, service and merchandise, is $6,500.