Functions of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy lipid solution circulating in the body providing protective coating to the arteries and its surrounding walls. It also produces hormones and keeps the fat level intact in the body. It is said to be prevailing in every cell of the body. Despite being very important and useful still it becomes a threat once it crosses its set limit. Generally cholesterol is carried in packages through lipoproteins in the body. Broadly lipoproteins can be divided into two categories, firstly High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol and secondly Low Density Lipoproteins or bad cholesterol.

According to the experts HDL is very important for the body as it provides energy and also fulfills the fat requirement of the body. Our body is capable enough to produce maximum level of fat for the body but we still intake extra fat by consuming meat and dairy products. If we move on to wider perspective and just ignore cholesterol’s negatives then it contributes to be very important part of the body. The first and foremost function of cholesterol is to keep the cell membranes of the body intact. It regulates the fluidity of cell membranes and makes sure that they are not too rigid and not too fluid. Apart from this it also boost the mental performance and make you outshine others. Very few know that it not only build strong bones but also strengthen muscles resulting in healthy life. Cholesterol is said to form a protective coating to the body and arteries so that we remain away from infectious diseases. Experts feel that cholesterol is the best solution that regulates body sugar along with repairing damaged tissues.

Cholesterol is best source of getting energy, libido, fertility and vitality, moreover it also aids in digestion which is very important for the body. It also performs the most vital and important function by supporting nervous system at the time of sleep. Cholesterol not only helps in connecting neurons to the right places but is also a necessity of growing. In digestion too cholesterol plays important role as liver uses cholesterol in synthesizing bile acids. Then those synthesized bile acids are secreted into intestine where they are generally used to mix fat with water soluble enzymes that actually digest them. Cholesterol is also termed as precursor to maximum of steroids as it not only builds hormones but also maintains and regulates them. But the bottom-line remains that despite having many advantages still can be very dangerous.