Functional Stability Training on the Wobble Disc

The eyes of most humans are constantly searching for the health and fitness magic bullet and / or fountain of youth. Even though these continue to prove elusive, the search goes on. Fortunately, along the way we humans have happened upon some excellent tools to assist us in the development of our personal fitness. Some have even enhanced our longevity potential. The wobble disc is one of those tools that have proven its usefulness in our quest for physical fitness and our overall wellbeing.

Wobble disks come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used individually or in numbers of 2, 4, or more. They are excellent tools for use in muscle conditioning with body weight only or with added resistance. The number of potential exercises is unlimited and can be utilized for working almost all the muscles of the body. It is a vital tool that most professional fitness trainers utilize.

The following are three functional exercises that you can perform with the wobble disc to enhance joint stability and muscular strength.

Squat – Stand with feet hip distance apart with one foot on a disc and the other on the floor, or with both feet on top of a disc. Bend from your hips and knees until thighs are close to parallel to the floor, pause at the bottom, and then slowly extend up to starting position. Keep your spine extended and long, head up, eyes forward and be sure knees stay behind toes at bottom of squat.

Side Lunge – Stand with one foot on top of a disc, feet spaced larger than shoulder width apart, and toes slightly turned out. Keep spanish extended and torso engaged, press hips back and bend the knee of the foot on disc until knee reaches approximately a right angle to the floor. Press foot into disc and return to start position- perform all reps on one leg then switch disc to other foot and repeat.

Push Up – Face the floor in a push-up position with one hand on wobble disc and one hand on the floor (more advanced place a disc under each hand). From your knees (modified push-up) or toes tighten your core and maintain a straight plank position above the floor. Slowly bend your arms and lower body toward the floor while maintaining the plank position. When the upper arm is parallel to the floor, pause and then return to start position. Avoid locking elbows, or hanging from the lower back during execution of movement.

Each of the exercises should be done for 8-15 repetitions. You can do 1-5 sets of the repetitions depending upon your recent exercise experience. If you have orthopedic concerns you should contact your physician before performing exercises on an unstable surface. Using a personal trainer makes good sense when trying new exercises with new equipment. Not only will a trainer make it safer to utilize the equipment, but they will also ensure proper technique and overload is accomplished to make the exercises as effective as possible.

So while performing stability challenged resistance training on the wobble disc may not be the magic bullet for all your health woes, it is an outstanding tool for your personal wellness. Enjoy the benefits of strength training while enhancing the tendon and ligament strength surrounding your joints. Add this challenging piece of exercise equipment and these three simple movements to add a little variety to your program.