Fun Times With Injuries to Arm Bones, Shoulders or Clavicle Fractures

I know you are thinking, “Injury to arm bones is not fun!” I definitely can relate to that. I experienced a clavicle fracture, my first broken bone in my half-a-century-plus life.

Broken bones are painful, the swelling is less than desired, and the limitations that come with only being able to use one arm can be discouraging. I faced surgery after surgery. The sound of plates and bolts being put into my body didn’t sound too good to me, plus there was the dread of going through physical therapy, acquiring scars and worries about the after effects of the injury. The worst part for me was the daily struggle of wearing that ugly blue and white universal arm sling. That took a bite out of my fashion statements!

Being a crafty person, of course, the wheels of thought started to turn. I decided to “bling my sling”. I refused to take on the role of a victim wrapped in a medical looking sling for months on end. I ended up with several fashionable arm slings including a few custom Haute Couture arm slings, thanks to the talent of my sister, the seamstress. She made me one to wear to a wedding. I absolutely love it and it got lots of attention from the attendees.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Stop worrying about the glitches in the path that has been chosen for you. The damage to your arm bones, shoulder or clavicle bone is already done and you have some healing to do. Wondering “what if” won’t do you a bit of good now.

Really, you have two choices. 1) Give into depression and live a miserable life until you are healed, or 2) Accept the fate and roll with it. I chose the latter.

I don’t look forward to surgical procedures, therapy or checkups for that matter. From time and time the pain is intense and at all other times is just uncomfortable. I could be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, but that’s no way to live, even for a short time.

Put on your fashionable arm slings and go show them off to the world. You’ll enjoy the compliments about your arm sling, I promise. It kind of changes to tune of the conversations from “Oh my God, what happened?” to “Wow, I’ve never seen such a fun looking arm sling. Where did you get it?”