Fuller, Thicker Erections – 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Virility and Become a Better Lover

Size is not all that matters when it comes to satisfying your partner in bed and feeling better about yourself as a lover. The firmness of your penis and how long you can last for is also vital. This article is aimed at men who would like to know how to make their erections fuller and firmer, while also improving their general health.

1. Get it Flowing

There is one essential part of gaining and keeping an erection – blood. It is blood flowing into the chambers of the penis and filling the cells of the spongy tissues there which makes the penis hard. The more blood that flows into these chambers, the firmer your erection will be. One of the reasons that most men experience such solid erections when going through puberty is that they tend to be in better shape generally. If your circulatory system is working well, you will get more blood into the tissues of the penis more quickly. So one important step to take in terms of improving erectile function is to work on your cardiovascular fitness by taking regular aerobic exercise.

 2. Keep it Moving

With improved blood circulation, you will feel general health benefits. But you want to direct those benefits to where you really want to see changes – your penis. You can help nature on its way by practising some simple massage techniques which will ensure that the maximum volume of blood flow reaches your penis. A good place to start is learning some simple Jelq techniques. Jelqing is a traditional form of massage which you can easily do yourself at home. It should be practised every day to see the best results. The basic technique involves taking the penis between the thumb and index finger, grasping it firmly around the base, and pulling up sharply but not too hard towards the glans. This helps to expand the blood vessels which are crucial for transporting blood into the penis and will help you to become more fully erect, more quickly.

3.  Enhance it with Nutrients

To really maximise the results you see from this routine, the third step is to follow the right diet to make sure that your blood contains the best biochemical composition. There are certain essential nutrients, produced naturally in the body, which actually trigger penis growth. You can stimulate your body to start producing these nutrients by following a guide to simple natural enhancement, and this will make your erections not only harder, but will produce dramatic increases in the length and thickness of your penis too.