Fruits For Acne Treatment


Although we know for a fact that fruits are not just delicious but also extremely healthy, we tend to underestimate the benefits of fruits and the ample to which they can help in curing and preventing a number of ailments. You would be surprised to know that an addition of some fruits can go a long way in not only preventing acne but also as acne remedies. Acne may be caused by numerous reasons, but keeping your diet healthy is the first step to tackling acne. You would be surprised at the hidden qualities of many fruits and how you can use fruits for acne treatment. Pick any fruit and you would discover that they are generally rich in Vitamin C, E and A that are perfect natural antioxidants.

The first fruit that you should include in your diet is the famous "apple". We have all grown up hearing the famous saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Apart from being good for your overall well-being, apple is especially good for the skin. But do not do the mistake of peeling off the skin. The skin of apples contains "pectin" that helps in good digestion and prevents constipation. A constipated stomach can be one of the reasons for an acne breakout; an apple can keep your skin healthy and glowing. Pick any of your acne medication and check its chemical components, the first thing you would find is that you are being given vitamin A that is available in abundance in apples. Try eating one in the morning and witnessing a good bowel movement.

Pick up any citrus fruit and fight off acne effectively. Citrus fruits have abundance of vitamin C that helps regulate the acidic balance of your body and make it alkaline. High acidic pH is a breeding ground for acne. Take your pick from lemon, oranges and grapefruits which are wonderful sources of vitamin C and consume in good quantities to ward off acne. Take note of one thing, grapefruits are acidic fruits and having them in the first half of the day is good for cleansing the blood.

Even "cherries" have high vitamin C in them and act as good blood purifiers. Cherries are the fruit to eat to ensure proper bowel movements; they are good for both the kidneys and liver. They also help in getting a good sleep that goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy and acne free. Banana is another pro-biotic fruit with abundant "good bacteria" that is effective blood cleansers.

However, take care not to overdo it. Fruits should not become your complete diet. Like all good things, fruits too need to be taken selectively in correct proportions for best results. In case of banana, one in a day should suffice. And do not do the mistake of adding any sugar to the fruit. High sugar in the body can trigger off acne and negate all the goodness of the fruit. Take one to two portions of fruit in your diet daily to ensure a healthy, glowing and acne free skin.